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«Bashkortostan 100» — is a big intellectual super wiki-marathon contest for creating and improving Wikipedia articles about Bashkortostan, and also uploading free images to Wikimedia. Super wiki-marathon is made for advancing bashkort language on Wikipedia, promoting bashkort topic in other language divisions, and it was organized for celebrating 100th anniversary of agreement about independence between Russian Labor-Workers Government and Bashkort Government. Everyone who want to participate in «Bashkortostan 100» contest, can do it if he/she will follow the Wikipedia rules and special regulations of this super wiki-marathon.

The Intellectual super wiki-marathon «Bashkortostan 100» begun at 11th of September 2016, and will continue until 23rd of March 2019, this contest includes 5 stages, 100 days each.

  • 1st stage — from September 11th to December 20th 2016 (results on January 31st 2017);
  • 2nd stage — from February 21st to May 31st 2017 (results on June 30th 2017);
  • 3rd stage — from September 1st to December 9th 2017 (results on January 31st 2018);
  • 4th stage — from February 21st to May 31st 2018 (results on June 30th 2018);
  • 5th stage — from September 1st to December 9th 2018 (results on March 23rd 2019).




  1. No age threshold and other restrictions on nationality, race, location etc. for this super wiki-marathon.
  2. All participant members must have registered accounts in Wikipedia and activated Wikimedia section. «Receive E-mail messages» option should be enabled on account settings menu, this address needs for additional information from administrators about this contest and it will not appear at public pages.
  3. Individuals who take part at the contest may have just one account.
  4. Everyone should add his own article or image in corresponding chart table.
  5. Every member is able to rate other’s work, report mistakes if they find and take part in discussions about subject.
  6. Members who made more than 20 (10) articles, or uploaded more than 20 (10) images during one stage will be considered as top contesters, they will get certificate of super wiki-marathon member and they may get special prizes.
  7. In case of winning, members should send their identification documents to organizers.


  1. Writing or editing articles theme should correspond to Bashkortostan.
  2. Members can use Wikipedia’s vocabulary and translator.
  3. After writing or editing articles, link for the page should be in corresponding chart table (members do it themselves). Only in that case organizers take them into contest.
  4. Published articles should meet Wikipedia’s main and language section regulations. They also must:
    not violate any copyright. Article should be written specially for Wikipedia and the contest, not copied from another sources (also offline sources);
    represent facts neutrally, follow rules of describing living person’s biography;
    be based on approved sources;
    not contain original researches;
  5. Articles should satisfy quality requirements one of this groups «Good», «Excellent» and «Favorite», and get ratings of juror member, organizers and other participants.
  6. Articles that contain less than 3500 bytes can’t be part of the contest.


  1. Illustrations should be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons with correct applied free license.
  2. Illustration will be classified only if it was appropriately used a least in one article (don’t created necessarily for that wiki-marathon, but should contain the right subject).
  3. Illustrations should not violate the law of free panorama. In particular, it may contain buildings, but copyrighted objects like sculptures not allowed.


No nominations for first stage.


  1. For scores counting all articles that contain more than 3500 bytes will be divided by 10000.
  2. For every edited of improved article that get good rating will get 1 score, excellent 2 scores and favorite 5 scores.
  3. For every image uploaded to Wikimedia Commons that meet Wikipedia regulations (free license, at least used in one article) will get 1 score, for special works (photography, illustration, scheme, map) jurors may add additional score. If Illustration has distinct value and/or used multiple times jurors may give another score. So one illustration can achieve 3 scores. Illustration will be classified only if it was appropriately used a least in one article.
  4. Violators of rules will be disqualified, if they have: no registration, multiple accounts, their articles violate copyright rules and other regulations that was mentioned above.


  • Foundation for the first stage will be established during wiki-marathon.


Individuals and organizations will be considered as sponsors, if they will support wiki-marathon. Contact administrators for additional information.


Individuals and organizations that provide financial, promoting and other support will be considered as partners. They can establish their own nominations and prizes for participants. Contact administrators for additional information.

Free licenseҮҙгәртергә

Authors that public their work on Wikipedia consider agreement, they accept the terms of agreement Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 и GFDL.

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