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I think en:BAL Bashkirian Airlines, en:Ufa International Airport, en:Air Bashkortostan, and en:2002 Überlingen mid-air collision would be good in having Bashkir articles. Where should I list them? Thanks WhisperToMe 00:53, 13 Сентябрь (Һарысай) 2011 (UTC)

Monuments of Spain Challenge үҙгәртергә

Excuse me for not speaking Bashkir yet.

Wikimedia España invites you to join the Monuments of Spain Challenge. And what’s that? It’s a contest. You have to edit, translate or expand articles about the Spanish monuments and you will be granted points. So you’re not just writing about wonderful buildings: you can get prizes!

The time of the contest will include all October and any information you may need is right here.

Join in and good luck!

PS: We would be grateful if you could translate this note into Bashkir.

B25es on behalf of Wikimedia España.

a crowdcontribution to Wikipedias 15th birthday үҙгәртергә

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Dear friends! Wikipedia versions is a Wikidata approach to display additional information to special:SiteMatrix. Nevertheless the titles and descriptions of the Wikidata items need translations in many languages. Maybe you can spend some minutes to add a few translations today. Best regards I18n (әңгәмә) 10:29, 15 ғинуар 2016 (UTC)[яуап бирергә]

WMF projects - translation of Wikidata labels and descriptions үҙгәртергә

https://ba.wikipedia.org/?curid=14321#WMF_projects links here
lang=ba : ?lang=ba&props=31,218,219,220,506,1406&q=claim[1800]башҡортса

Dear friends! Today is Wikipedias 15th birthday. I want to let you know that the number of d:Wikidata:Database reports/WMF projects there is also the page Wikipedia versions has increased to more then 409. The list contains pages from Wikibook project pages to Wikiversity and Wiktionary project pages. You may be interested in adding Wikidata labels and descriptions in your language. Only a few, maybe five. Please follow also the discussion at d:property talk:P218 and comment there.
Maybe you can translate this and use it somewhere: If this is your first edit at wikidata: First go to Wikipedia_versions?setlang=ba. This will select the interface language for you. Then open the label links you want to translate in a new browser tab for each link. You should see an edit button and you should be able to insert the label in the corresponding field using a click/doubleklick. Same for the description and alias. Save your changes and go to another label link from the main list. Good luck!
Best regards Gangleri also aka I18n (әңгәмә) 10:29, 15 ғинуар 2016 (UTC)[яуап бирергә]