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Febrary 20Үҙгәртергә

The Bashkir Opera and Ballet Theater hosted a forum of Bashkir Wikipedists. The solemn forum celebrated the 15th anniversary of Bashkir wikipedia. The event was attended by Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic Azat Badranov, Director of the non-profit enterprise Wikimedia RU Vladimir Medeiko (Moscow), Chairman of the Presidium of The World Qoroltai of the Bashkirs, Deputy Chairman of the State Assembly of Bashkortostan Elvira Aitkulova, Director of the Foundation for the preservation and development of Bashkir language Gulnaz Yusupova. They presented to the audience Letters of Thanks from the Head of the Republic, the Government and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the World Kurultai of the Bashkirs, the Foundation for the Preservation and Support of the Bashkir Language, letters of honor, congratulatory addresses.


January 16Үҙгәртергә

Wikipedia celebrated its 20th anniversary on January 15th. Executive Director Catherine Maer in speech mentioned Bashkir Wikipedia. «Russia’s Federal Agency for ethnic Affairs formally recognized Wikipedia’s contribution to preserving and strengthening Russia’s indigenous multilingualism and gave Bashkir Wikipedia a special Merit nomination. One of the First videos I saw celebrating the birthday came from Yakutsk in Russia — a different language — it was in Sakha language Wikipedia, so very cool!» see 44:48

Aprel 26Үҙгәртергә

From April 2 to April 19, the Tatar Wikipedia held a wiki-contest «Tatar - 0.4» about the culture and history of the Tatar people and its place in science. The Zlgl received a prize-winning place in the nomination 'Best editor' in the theme 'Science'. As part of the jury there was a participant of the Bashkir Wikipedia З. ӘЙЛЕ.

March 18Үҙгәртергә

The head of the burzyansky wiki club Kuncilu Kutlubaeva held a presentation of Wikipedia in the village Alikovo. The presentation was attended by Gadamshin Ramazan, Ishbulatova Fayruza, Abubakirova Roza, Gadamshina Raisa, Baymukhametova Aigul, Zaripova Alsyu . And Yulmukhametova Zuhra from Old Subkhankulova checked Wikipedia and got the first lessons.

March 17Үҙгәртергә

Users Guzel Sitdikova, Zaituna Nigamatzyanov, Zufar Salikhov, Zufar Salikhov took part in the talk show "TV Center" of the Bashkir satellite TV channel. There was a presentation of a new user group. There was also a conversation about the history and current state of the Bashkir Wikipedia.


August 15Үҙгәртергә

In the Ufa Congress Hall Acting Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov met with representatives of the Bashkir public from the regions of Russia. At the breakout session «The history and development of the Bashkir nation» was attended by Guzel Sitdikova and Zufar Salikhov. Guzel Sitdikova's report on Bashkir topomimics aroused interest among delegates

June 8Үҙгәртергә

Kese Tirmunkul is a 49,000 article on the Bashkir Wikipedia. Creator Guram52.

April 17Үҙгәртергә

The Burzyansky District congress of Bashkirs was visited by a member of the executive committee of the World Kurultai Bashkirs, the administrator of the Wikipedia Bashkir Рөстәм Нурыев (Rustam Nuriev). The director of the non-profit partnership "Wikimedia Ru" Vladimir Medeiko was invited to the meeting. The guests noted the fruitful work of Рәшиҙә Ғизәтуллина (Gizzatullina Rashida) and Һәҙиә (Kutlubaeva Kusilu).

Aprel 12Үҙгәртергә

Members of the burzyansky wiki club Рәшиҙә Ғизәтуллина (Gizzatullina Rashida), Һәҙиә (Kutlubaeva Kusilu), Юлдашева Луиза (Yuldsheva Luiza) met with the students of the school of the village Abulmambet. Deputy Director of the school of the Mawlid Galikeev and teacher Minor Kasimova contributed to the meeting. Students and teachers the school of the village Abdulmambetovo known in the Republic of Bashkortostan as a purposeful, diligent forward thinking.

Aprel 11-12Үҙгәртергә

Volunteers of the Bashkir Wikipedia Zaituna Nigmatjanova, Saria Kagarmanova, Rustam Nuriev, Minsilu Abdullina took part in the 1st congress of teachers of the Bashkir language. Within the framework of the 1st congress of teachers of the Bashkir language, laureate of the interregional competition of the teacher, winner of the competition of the year 2019, Saria Kagarmanova held a master class on the application of the global Wikipedia encyclopedia in the lessons. The lesson was held in the gymnasium named after Mustai Karim in Ufa, Bashkortostan.

Aprel 23Үҙгәртергә

During the «1st congress of teachers of the Bashkir language» the Bashkir Wikipedia presented its exhibition. The exhibition was visited by Acting Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov. Minsilu Abdullina introduced congress delegates to Wikipedia, answered questions, made new contacts, called to join to the project Wikipedia. At a breakout session, Rustam Nuriev talked about the role of Wikipedia in the educational process. Zaituna Nigmatyanova, as a journalist, photographed and collected information. During the congress, Rustam Nuriev met with the rector of en:Bashkir State University Nikolai Morozkin, and they agreed to hold the next wikiconference into university bases.

March 23Үҙгәртергә

Айсар received the Wiki Prize 2019 in Wikimedia Projects in Russian Languages.

March 6Үҙгәртергә

The 47,000th article is written in the Bashkir Wikipedia.

March 2Үҙгәртергә

A meeting of Bashkir Wikipedists was held at the house of the World Kurultai Bashkir. At the same time, local Wikipedians gathered in the Burzyan district.Between the two groups held a video conference. At the meeting, the user Банат Валеева-Яубасарова was awarded wiki prizes for contests. The editor of the children's magazine «Akbuzat» Tamara Yuldasheva attended the meeting.

Junuary 4Үҙгәртергә

Сиде is the 46,000th article in the Bashkir Wikipedia. This article began to write Хаят Йосопова1 .


August, 24Үҙгәртергә

Regular meeting of the participants of the Bashkir wikipedia took place in the cafe «Idel» (Ufa). Active participants came to this meeting. The meeting noted that the year 2018 was rich in events such as Wiki-Spring 2018, Month of Azerbaijan, Bashortostan 100, WikiGap. Active participants received prizes from the organizers of Wiki-Spring and individual entrepreneurs. The head of the Regional Staff of the Bashkortostan Regional Branch of the All-Russian Public Organization "Young Guard of United Russia" Yultyeva Lucia was invited to the meeting. She made a congratulatory speech and presented prizes to active participants.photos

March 8Үҙгәртергә

Википедия:WikiGap 2018 -Bashkortostan from March 8st to April 8st 2018

21 февральҮҙгәртергә

«Bashkortostan 100» — from February 21st to May 31st 2018.

Febrary 11Үҙгәртергә

Wikimarahpon Olympia is over.

January 8Үҙгәртергә

Энгельс (ҡала) — The Bashkir Wikipedia created 41,000 articles.

January 1Үҙгәртергә

In Bashkir Wikipedia created a club for , who created thousands of edits. Members of the wiki club have the right to conduct and participate in various events and represent Wikimedia Bashkortostan there.


December 4Үҙгәртергә

The 4th congress of the Bashkir Women's Society was held in Ufa. Delegates from cities and districts of Bashkortostan and neighboring regions were invited to the event, which took place in the Bashkir theater named after Mazhit Gafuri. The user of the Bashkir Wikipedia Zaytuna Nimatjanova made a report "The success of bashkir grandmothers on the Internet." at this congress.

December 2Үҙгәртергә

Youth Forum UfaForum 2017 was held in the on December 1-3. The main goal of the forum is the development of a strong society, which in the future will develop industry.About 700 active youth representatives gathered at the meeting. On the discussion "Ethno-language: we are looking for a golden mean" of the platform "Society, Republic, history, language, Ufa, association" the user Bashwiki Zaytuna Nimatjanova made a speech. The creation of the Bashkir Wikipedia is one of the ways to preserve and develop the Bashkir language, she said. Director of the WMRU Vkadimir Medeyko and representative of the WMRU Dmitry Rozhkov acquainted with the project "Open Library" and told about the observance of copyrights in the wikwprojects. At the end of this event Vladimir Medeiko, Dnitry Rozhkov and the administrators of Bashwiki Rustam Nuriev and Zufar Salikhov met with the youth and with other experts answered their questions about their future projects.…photos is here

November 29, 2017Үҙгәртергә

The user of the Bashkir Wikipedia Rashida Gizzatullina took part in the meeting of the women in the village Kinzyagul of the Burzyansky District. She told about the need to collect material about the history of the village, the name of hydronyms and place names, famous people from the village. All these materials will be placed in the portal of Burzyan. In the future will be held trainings for Wikipedia participants.

November 27, 2017Үҙгәртергә

Volunteers of Bashkir Wikipedia of Stariy Subkhanghol small town of Burzyan Konsulu Kutlubaeva and Rashida Ghizatullina ”Tan” newspaper reporters Damir Bainazarov and Aynabat Akievanu, librarian Aklima Altunshina helped to create Wikipedia accounts. They have learned uploading and editing pages, and also translating articles. On the 17th of November Aigul Safina added her first article about famous local singer Gilman Safargalin.

November 18, 2017Үҙгәртергә

Banat Valeeva-Yaubasarova and Liliya Musina wiki-grandmoms gathered together In local administrative building of Stariy Subkhanghol small town of Burzyan. They shared their experience with others. New methods of contributing for Wikipedia were shown to newcomers, they will take work for the future of Wikipedia.

November 17, 2017Үҙгәртергә

Wiki-lessons with library employees were held in local library of Stariy Subkhanghol small town of Burzyan district. Experienced volunteers from Karmaskaly district Banat Valeeva-Yaubasarova and Liliya Musina were invited to this event. Six people in total joined to Bashkir Wikipedia team.

Бөрйән район китапханаһында викидәрес

November 4-6, 2017Үҙгәртергә

In the city of Yoshkar-Ola the first Volga Wiki-seminar was held. The head of Ministry of Culture and Relationship of Mari El Republic Igor Sadovin, the teacher of Mari El state university Marina Lastochkina and Mari language translators took part at this event. Conference participants watched a show of Mari El dancers. Cosmodemyansk historic museum expedition was organized. Bashkir Wikipedia representative Zufar Salikhov presented a new pass card for members of conference.

November 2, 2017Үҙгәртергә

The Bashkir National Club held folling interesting meeting with BashWiki Administrator Rustam Nuriev with Bashkir youth. There was an interesting conversation about Wikipedia and practical exercises. New users Гүзәл Вильданова, Ынйы Иргалина, Розалия1977‎, ТагирКузбеков‎ registered there.

Meeting with Bashkir youth

October 13-15, 2017Үҙгәртергә

Users of the Bashkir Wikipedia took part in WikiConference 2017 is the 11th Annual International Forum dedicated to developing Wikimedia projects in the languages of Russia, as well as free knowledge creation and distribution in general. The event is being organized by «Wikimedia RU» NP since 2007. Conference working language is Russian. In the conference was attended by users of Russian, Buryat, Lezghin, Sakha, Tuva, Tatar, Chechen, Armenian, Ukrainian, Polish Wikipedia. The largest group was the users of the Bashkir Wikipedia. Administrator of the Bashkir Wikipedia Rustam Nuriyev conducted a conversation about "Wikipedia in the languages of Russia."

October 10, 2017Үҙгәртергә

On this day in the village Bainazarova (Burzyansky District) of Bashkortostan the Bashkir wiki-grandmothers held a meeting. The conversation was about preparations for the Russian wiki conference. They talked about the work done and about the plans for the future.

October 10, 2017Үҙгәртергә

Students of the Bashkir-English philological faculty of the Bashkir State University met with Zaitunya Nigmatyanova. At the meeting was a talk about the preservation and development of the Bashkir language in Wikipedia. In practical exercises students learned to register and make the first edits in Wikipedia. Lyaysan Sayfullina,Gulsimush‎, Миңлегөл, Земфира96, Lyalyakalim‎, Alina Galeeva and other participants registered in Wikipedia.

October 4, 2017Үҙгәртергә

Volonter of Bashkir Wikipedia Rashida Gizzatullina met with schoolchildren in the 3rd gymnasium of the city of Sertlamak in the Republic of Bashkortostan. The meeting was attended by school director Shagisultanova A., deputy directors Bayazgulova Z. and Safarova R., correspondent of the city newspaper "Ashkadar" Kubagushova R and others.The conversation was about the role of Wikipedia in inculcating love for native language in conditions of the city.

September 6, 2017Үҙгәртергә

Another wiki meeting was held In the cafe "Idel" (Ufa, Tsyurupy str., 17). The event was attended by: Rustam Nuriev, Leisyan, Zufar, Liliya Kaipova, Z.Ayli, Liliya, Minsulu Abdullina. The Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Ramzil Ishkharin and his assistant Ruslan Karimov also were among invited people. Live discussion about the beginning of the third stage of the wiki-marathon “Bashkortostan 100” and update of the Wikibook project took place. Also the list of Wiki-conference delegates was approved (Moscow, October 14-15). Ramzil Rafailovich expressed his readiness to organize a meeting of the delegation of the Bashkir Wikipedia and participate in key events of the Wiki conference. He also spoke about the creation of a special commission for volunteerism and the adoption of draft laws in the State Duma about this widespread movement of the present day. Wikimedia exists because of volunteers’ work. The MP urged everyone to actively participate in the discussion of the current projects of the State Duma.

September 1-3, 2017Үҙгәртергә

In the ancient city of Russia, Derbent, the Dagestan Wiki seminar called – "Problems of the development of Wikipedia in the languages ​​of the peoples of Dagestan" was held with the support of the NGO "Wikimedia RU", "Derbent" Foundation, Federal Lezghin National Cultural Autonomy (FLNCA) of the Regional Information Agency of Derbent (RIA Derbent). The director of "Wikimedia RU", V. Medeiko, representative of Russian Wikipedia Dmitriy Zhukov, representative of the Erzyan wikipedia Andrei Petrov, administrator of the Bashkir and Lezghian wikipedia Oleg Abarnikov, representatives of the Bashkir Wikipedia Zufar Salikhov and Rishat Sayfutdinov took part at the event. The greeting video of the Bashkir wiki-grandmothers caused delightful cheers from audience. Dagestan philologists, linguists, teachers, public activists were invited to the meeting. There was a discussion about issues of development and involving new editors to the Lezghian, Avar, Lak, and Chechen Wikipedia.

August 16, 2017Үҙгәртергә

In August 16, representatives of the district women's council, members of the Bazal creative association, correspondents of the newspaper "Tan" have gathered in the central regional library Burzyan district of the Burzyan district for a round table meeting. Pensioners, teachers, religious figures, workers of culture and libraries, local historians, in general - writing patriots of the native language and native land participated in discussion. Participation of the head of the department of information-analytical and personnel work Gumerov Marcel Valievich and imam-khatib village Bainazarova Daniyar attached importance to this event. Business talk with the goal of rallying like-minded people, about cooperation with Burzyan portal in the Bashkir Wikipedia was very appropriate. During the round table, everyday tasks were discussed and the participants of the event explained in detail the importance of the Burzyan district division, where it is possible to accumulate information about the history of the native land, the richest folklore heritage, national clothes, the biography of individuals, the historical past, the surrounding nature (rivers, lakes, mountains , birds, fauna and others). All this should be mentioned, with the possibility of publication in the press. As a result, important decisions were made: involving broad public in this work; a request to allocate a room for the wiki club, its equipment; the choice of the leader and the formation of a creative group. If we overcome this work by joining our knowledge, it will not only be a book about the memory of our native land, but also its passport and patent.

July 23, 2017Үҙгәртергә

More than 100 participants took part in the Youth Festival "Tabyn-fest". The festival was held near the Abzan waterfalls in the Arkhangelsk District and gathered active youth from all over the republic. Participants from Arkhangelsk, Aurgazin, Gafuriy, Karaidel, Karmaskalinsky, Tatyshlinsky, Davlekanovskiy, Salavatsky districts of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Orenburg region arrived to the festival. At the festival was organized an exhibition of folklore and a shazhere. There were held classes on ecology, industry, business, health and digital technologies. Zufar Salikhov told to participants of digital technologies about Wikipedia. All participants already knew about Wikipedia and about the Bashkir Wikipedia. Then there were sports competitions. The festival ended a concert.

June 30, 2017Үҙгәртергә

  Thoughts about Bashkort Internet. (edited)

Author: Ҡатнашыусы:Рөстәм Нурыев

Translate: User:Berkutsan

Native language is an imperceptible treasure. If we don’t use it in daily life, it will not survive. Andrash Karnai – hungary scientist, mathematic linguist said that only 5% of all known 7000 languages are used for modern communication technology. Therefore Wikipedia could help them survive for future generations.

If Bashkort Wikipedia exists, we can hope for future of our language. It was founded by volunteers in 2005. They consolidated together, and they became known by others. Bashkort Wikipedia associates participated at 2017 Wikipedia Conference of East and Central Europe as distinctive province representatives of Russian Federation. They shared their experience with others.

Bashkort ABC was not in the list of CLDR standart, and therefore there was a lot of mistakes in computer software. Amir Aaharouni wrote statement to CLDR standart organization about this issue. This problem should be solved in short time, so programmer from Canada Brian Wolf coded special soft and this helped to solve a problem this year. This became an example that helped for many other small language groups.

Wikipedia contributors don’t get any funds for their job, and visitor of site get free access to all articles. Everyone who has useful knowledge can share it on the global internet.

Someone ought to find sponsors for new projects of Bashkort Wikipedia. Our main problem at the moment: we have no human resources who could show us right ways of contribution to our culture and language. Should we wait for help from individuals like Brian and Amir? We would like to see support from government, other non-profit organizations, businessmen and of course wider response of public.

June 23, 2017Үҙгәртергә

June 14, 2017Үҙгәртергә

 : Alik Shakirov. The contest "Bashkortostan - 100" - second stage results. Second stage of big intellectual marathon called “Bashkortostan 100” finished recently. Contest was organized among volunteers of Bashkort Wikipedia for the honor of 100th anniversary of Bashkortostan autonomy. This contest began in September 2016, it includes five stages, 100 days each, and will finish in March 2019. The contest took 729 new articles and 116 photographs. Winners of this stage are 10 participants of Bashkort and 7 of other divisions. Two finished stages includes 1119 articles and 171 photographs. Three editors: Tansilu Kuvandikova, Gulshat Suleymanova and Viktor Semenuk did norm for five stages and they opened list of winners. Third stage of this contest will start at 1st of September 2017.

May 26, 2017Үҙгәртергә

 : Z. AILI. The contest "Bashkortostan - 100". 2 nd stage. In 1919 the 100th anniversary of signing of the agreement between the Bashkir government and the Soviet Russia about formation of the Bashkir Republic is celebrated. Bashkir Wikipedia has announced a competition for writing articles about Bashkortostan. At the first stage of a competition participated the Russian, Buryat, Mari, Erzya, Udmurd Wikipedias. The second stage of the contest ends on May 31.Users of the Ukrainian, Georgian, Belarusian Wikipedia participated in the second stage of the competition. The contest became international.

May 21, 2017Үҙгәртергә

39000 article!!! Халиҡова Рәйсә Хәлил ҡыҙы

May 15, 2017Үҙгәртергә

The contest «Discover Russia. Start from Don» is over and the results are summed up.Users of Bashkir Wikimedia proved that they can participate in various competitions. In the nomination of the «Article in foreign languages» there are seven prize-winners. Three prizes were taken by Bashkir users. Banat Valeeva-Yaubasarova is in second place, Tanһylyu is in fourth place, Z. AILI is in sixth place. We congratulate the wiki-winners! We hope that we will be a strong and efficient group!

May 12, 2017Үҙгәртергә

Wikimedians of Zhukovo Ufa district

User Akkashka organized a meeting for Wikimedia in the village of Zhukovo Ufa district. Z.AILE held practical lessons for members of the wiki-club. Users Akkashka, Zulaikha improved its knowledge, other users rita-akbulat, Таналыҡ, Nurhiliu, Rita Usmanova created the first articles. Creating articles in Wikipedia is an interesting and useful work where you can get additional knowledge, noted members of the wiki-club. Wikimedians prefer to meet at the club than online lessons at home.

May 4-7, 2017Үҙгәртергә

 [1] Meeting Wikimedia Eesti with MAFUN. In the video mentions about Bashkir Wikipedia on the 28:30th minute.

April 24, 2017Үҙгәртергә

At a meeting of Bashkir language teachers of the Khaybullinsky District participated users of Bashkir Wikimedia Menavara Bakharbaeva and Laisan. Laisan told how to use Wikipedia in teaching the Bashkir language. Users of Bashkir Wikimedia answered questions and showed how to create an article in Wikipedia.

April 23, 2017Үҙгәртергә

The ceremony of awarding the Wiki-Award 2017 was held on April 23, 2017. This award is given to the Wikipedians for the seventh time.The meeting was held in the Yandex Conference Center "Extropolis" in Moscow. Director of the NP «Wikimedia RU» Wikimedia Vladimir Merediko made a welcoming speech. The journalist Alexander Plyushchev was the host of the meeting. Users of various wiki-projects were awarded prizes.Users in project «Wikipedia in Russian languages» were also awarded prizes. From Bashkir Wikipedia the prize was given to the administrator Ryanag. The user could not come, so Zufar Salikhov came for the prize. Taking the opportunity, Zufar Salikhov presented gifts to the winners of the contest Bashkortostan - 100.

April 22, 2017Үҙгәртергә

On April 22 a meeting was held in the school of village Starosubkhangulovo Burzyansky District. The meeting was organized by members of the Burzyan Wiki-Club Hathia and Pashitha Gizzatullina. Z. Aili from Ufa came to the meeting. Online conference was held with the administrator Bashwiki Rustam Nuriev. The pupils were told about Wikipedia, showed the presentation, and gave a master class abaut creation of articles. New users Zul8390 and Laluu33 were registered.

We thank for the organization of the meeting the director Garey Yumagulov, the teacher of informatics of Rustam Valiullin, and the photographer Ainur Malikav.

Wiki meeting in Burzyan.

April 7, 2017Үҙгәртергә

A V International tourist forum "The Big Urals-2017" was held in the International exhibition of construction “Yekaterinburg-EXPO”, Yekaterinburg, Russia. The purpose of the forum was the development of domestic and inbound tourism, the study of experience in the field of development and promotion brands of the territories, strengthening ties between the regions of Russia. The forum included round tables, conferences and workshops with participation of representatives of authorities in the field of tourism and tourism industry professionals, hospitality industry and education. At the invitation of the organizers, Wikimedians took part in the International Tourist Forum «Bol'shoy Ural – 2017» (Big Ural – 2017).In the forum was a representative of the Bashkir wikipedia Zufar Salikhov. At the plenary session, member of the NP «Wikimedia RU» Nikolay Litvinov spoke about the role of Wikipedia in the popularization of the Urals. At the end of his speech, he handed out prizes to the contestants «Wiki Ural — 2017».

March 30 — April 2, 2017Үҙгәртергә

Information about Bashkir user group on the wall of participants

Users of Bashkortostan Wikimedia З. ӘЙЛЕ and Visem participated on Berlin conference 2017.

Berlin conference 2017

March 23, 2017Үҙгәртергә

In the bawiki was written 38 000 article. The article en:Harmonia Caelestis was translated by Alfia Akbutina.