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Тамғалар: доставка MassMessage
Тамғалар: доставка MassMessage
Hello again, I believe the earlier message has created some confusion. If you have already submitted the details in the Google form, '''it has been accepted''', you don't need to submit it again. The earlier reminder is for those who haven't yet submitted their Google form or if they any alternate way to provide their address. I apologize for creating the confusion. Thanks-[[:m:User:Saileshpat|Sailesh Patnaik]]
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== Message to the CEE Spring 2018 local organizers ==
Hello, {{PAGENAME}}! You are receiving this message as a '''[[:m:Wikimedia CEE Spring 2018|Wikimedia CEE Spring 2018]]''' coordinator for your community.
This is a friendly reminder that CEE Spring starts on March 21, the first day of spring. To make a smooth start, please ensure that you have taken care of thе following:
# Created information page of the contest in your Wikipedia.
# Created a [[:m:Wikimedia CEE Spring 2018/Article Lists|list of topics]] about your community on Meta-wiki.
# Created CEE Spring 2018 talk page template and connected to [[:d:Q48126269]].
# Published summary (in English) of [[:m:Wikimedia CEE Spring 2018/Rules|contest rules]] on Meta-wiki page.
# Promoted information about the contest (site notice, social media, personal messages).
Creating a talk page template is strongly encouraged as it would allow international organizers to track of contest progress of various topics. We will also try to provide automatically updated statistics from the very beginning based on this template.
CEE you at the start of contest!
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